Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review


The most excellent, beastliest telephone of the year is here, and spoiler caution, the Galaxy Note 9 satisfies the grand desires. Notwithstanding a gigantic battery, substantial screen and liberal installed stockpiling, Samsung trained the old S Pen a couple of new traps that should make the stylus more helpful to a full gathering of people. You’ll experience considerable difficulties finding a telephone that accomplishes more, and however I’m hesitant to prescribe any gadget that costs this much, I have an inclination control clients will need to get their hands on this thing. The Note 9 has a couple of minor characteristics, yet by and large, it feels like more than the entirety of its parts.

Samsung System Note 9
from $999.99

Valuable new S Pen highlights
Magnificent execution
Enormous and splendid show
Great battery life
Able cameras

Boats with obsolete Android Oreo
Bixby is wack

Samsung proceeds with its almost unblemished history of conveying great widescreen telephones with the Note 9. It offers excellent execution, a durable battery, and a splendid show. Its cameras aren’t the best in class, however despite everything they take incredible photographs, and the new feature of the S Pen remote controls make the stylus valuable for something other than doodles. This is hands-down a standout amongst other telephones of the year.

S Pen

A large number of the Note 9’s upgrades are execution-related and aren’t anything but trying to illustrate, yet the S Pen’s updates are so convincing I continue indicating them off to individuals. Samsung’s stylus has for quite some time been a sign of the Note arrangement, yet this year, the S Pen increased significantly more usefulness. By including a Bluetooth Low Energy module and a supercapacitor to give control, Samsung transformed the pen into a positive remote control.

Of course, long-squeezing the S Pen catch dispatches the camera, however, you can change this to be some other application. You can then double-click to switch between the front and back cameras, at that point click once to snap a photograph. It’s unfathomably helpful, and sincerely it’s such a delight to have the capacity to put the telephone down some place or hold it up at more-cumbersome points than typical and still have the ability to trigger the screen without fumbling for the volume fasten or finishing with hazy chaos.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Individuals have contended it’s excess: You can set a clock or utilize the open-palm motion to trigger the selfie camera. In any case, with the S Pen remote, you can do as such significantly more. You can utilize the S Pen from up to 30 feet away, giving you bounty more space to play with. I could continue for quite a long time about the advantages here.

For the individuals who think less about selfies, the S Pen is still entirely valuable. Utilize it to skip through slides in an introduction, for example, or tracks on a Spotify playlist. In Chrome, you can press once to return a page and twice to go ahead. A portion of these combinations are less helpful than others – returning in Chrome is more straightforward with the on-screen catch, for instance.

Notwithstanding applications from Samsung, Google, and Microsoft, just two of my outsider applications right now offer S Pen remote controls. Ideally, more designers will utilize Samsung’s open SDK to incorporate this component after some time.

The S Pen is still nevertheless precious for taking notes and portraying in a hurry. Drawing with it on the Note 9’s amazing 6.4-inch screen is liquid and responsive, and all the helpful Screen Off Memo and Air Command highlights. The stylus has 4,096 levels of weight affectability as its ancestor, and now it comes in particular hues, contingent upon your handset. The lavender Note 9 has a purple S Pen, and the Blue Note has a neon yellow stylus that pops like a highlighter.

Even though the S Pen has a supercapacitor to control that Bluetooth Low Energy module, you can, in any case, utilize it to draw even without a charge. After around 40 minutes, I’d begin getting low-battery warnings from the S Pen, yet that just implied the remote controls wouldn’t work. I could even now draw and utilize Air Command without an issue. Samsung’s completed a great job of including new highlights without ruining the current one.


The same can be said of the Note’s dual cameras. Equipment insightful, you’ll discover the setup here like the S9+. It has dual 12-megapixel sensors, one with a zooming focal point and the other a wide edge. The fax camera has the Dual Aperture include from the S9+, which opens up to f/1.5 to let in more light. Be that as it may, Samsung included something it calls Scene Optimizer, which is fundamentally its adaptation of Huawei’s and LG’s AI photography highlight.

When you point your Note’s camera at something, it will attempt to perceive what it’s taking a gander at and change the camera settings as needs are. Point it at nourishment, and it knocks up immersion. Take a gander at blooms, and it hones subtle elements on the bud. The Note 9 will recognize around 20 scenes, and an identification shows up on the viewfinder to disclose to you what it supposes it sees. The progressions the AI connected were by and large unpretentious, particularly in correlation with Huawei’s, which tries too hard on immersion in some cases. I preferred the P20 Pro’s changes when I utilized the two telephones on a human subject, however – Huawei’s framework includes dazzling bokeh that precisely surrounded my partner’s face while Samsung’s progressions were scarcely detectable.

It’s pleasant that the AI isn’t exceptionally prominent, yet it’s not a distinct advantage – the Note 9 as of now takes quite awesome pictures without the AI’s assistance. It conveys rich hues and fresh points of interest, although despite everything it slacks the Pixel 2 on shading precision. I additionally still lean toward the Huawei P20 Pro for things like nourishment and representations. Its more significant gap of f/1.8 (contrasted with the Note 9’s default f/2.4) makes concentrating on closeup subjects less demanding.

I was more awed by Samsung’s new Flaw Detection highlight, which tells you when it supposes somebody in your photo flickered or if your picture is foggy. I intentionally shut my eyes in a couple of shots, and the Note 9 once in a while neglected to suggest another endeavor. I do wish the alarms were more exact, however. Rather than particularly calling attention to an illuminated subject or spread focal point, the warning says your photograph may have been foggy.

The scene-analyzer include isn’t accessible for the 8-megapixel forward-looking camera, which is fine since apparently, you’re for the most part utilizing it to take selfies.

Slo-mo fans will be upbeat to find that the Note 9 can even now record film at 960 fps, and it’s currently equipped for catching clasps that are twice the length previously (up to 0.4 seconds continuously, 12 seconds playback). Too terrible Samsung hasn’t made it less demanding to utilize, however. I passed up on a chance to catch sparklers on a birthday cake since I figured I could just hit the record catch and be done. However, I needed to hold up till there was development in a delineated box for slo-mo to kick in. For general video, you can record at up to 4K goals at 60 fps however not in HDR, in spite of the way that the telephone’s Snapdragon 845 chip underpins it.

Execution and battery life

Talking about – the Snapdragon 845 together with the 6GB of RAM on board make the Note 9 an outright performing various tasks brute. It’s incredible at the same time overseeing saddling applications – like playing a YouTube video while running Fortnite out of sight. Besides, easily overlooked details like having my Instagram feed completely stacked the second I opened the application or seeing my companions’ Stories the moment I tapped on their photos implied the Note 9 sustained my longing for moment satisfaction more than generally telephones. The bottleneck here will be your information supplier – not the CPU.

Designs were additionally smooth as I gracelessly staggered around searching for adversaries to devastate in Fortnite, yet the telephone felt inherently hotter after only a couple of minutes. It wasn’t awkward, yet I saw it.

The Note 9’s 4,000mAh battery satisfied desires, however. The telephone not just endured around two entire days by and large utilize yet additionally hit over 15 hours on our video rundown test, somewhat longer than the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. I anticipated that it would last significantly longer than the past Note, since it has a substantially greater battery, yet the contrast between the two boiled down to minutes. I will credit that to the Note 9’s (somewhat) more great screen for the time being.

A few issues

There’s bounty I’ve generally expected and love about the Note telephones, as large, beautiful screens; thin, exquisite undercarriage; and consoling water obstruction. There are various things I’m not inspired with.

The Note 9 will dispatch with Android Oreo, which is about a year old. Android Pie has just begun taking off to the general population, and it’s not yet clear when Samsung plans to drive the refresh out for the Note 9.

Another component obtained from the S9 is Intelligent Scan, which mixes confront acknowledgment and iris discovery for advantageous without hands logins. Sadly, regardless it turned out to be an inconsistent method to open the telephone. It regularly didn’t perceive my eyes or face. Gratefully, the unique mark sensor on the back fills in as a convenient option.

I’m not an enthusiast of DeX mode, but instead, I welcome that Samsung has made it simpler to get to. Rather than purchasing or bear a dock, you can connect the Note 9 to an outer show utilizing a different HDMI to USB-C converter to use the telephone like a PC.

At long last, Bixby is still sort of a wreck: The highlights Samsung flaunted at its keynote, such as coordinating outsider application results without having to introduce the applications initially, didn’t function admirably. The colleague would haphazardly pull up disconnected applications, as FlightStats when I requested headings to the workplace. When I let it know, “Content Chris Velazco,” Bixby endeavored to send one of the five Chrises on my telephone the message “Velazco.” Sigh. The organization focused on this was a pre-discharge adaptation of Bixby, so perhaps it’ll get substantially more helpful by August 24th, when the telephones arrive. Be that as it may, I’m not holding my breath.

In any case, none of these things are significant issues. They’re for the most part discretionary highlights that you can keep away from once a day.

The opposition

Barely any telephones do as much as the Note 9, regardless of whether they cost about the same. At $1,000, the Note 9 is a standout amongst the most costly telephones around. Be that as it may, contrasted with the iPhone X, the Note 9 gives you substantially more for the cash. You get a higher, better screen; more stockpiling; longer-enduring battery; a stylus; and hypothetically better LTE speeds… at the point when bearers send their gigabit LTE systems entirely, at any rate.

A solid contender is the Huawei P20 Pro, which you can’t get in the US. If its all the same to you live somewhere else or potentially poorer system speeds, you’ll like its incredible cameras, dependable execution, and beautiful plan. The inconsistency with American bearers will be an outstanding issue, however.

You may locate an appropriate option from LG, regardless of whether it’s the V30s ThinQ, with its extra-large screen yet more established processor, or the G7 ThinQ, with the Snapdragon 845 however little show. Neither of those keeps going as long as the Note 9, like taking pictures that are as great or accompanies a stylus.

At last, the Note 9 is the best colossal telephone out there, and the individuals who wouldn’t fret spending too much will love it.


The Note 9 is a delightful refresh that will please control clients, and with its new S Pen highlights, it even can engage a more standard group of onlookers. Samsung needs to resolve a couple of characteristics (I’m taking a gander at you, Bixby) and push out its Android Pie refresh for this to be the best telephone I’ve seen all year.