Alienware 17 Laptop Specs, Review


Picking a gaming laptop is a lot easier these days than it was a couple years ago. With the graphics technologies and advances in laptop CPUs, you can get a great laptop with great performances in different sizes, prices, etc. Dell gaming laptops, Alienware, are amazing and one of the best gaming laptops in the market. The Alienware 17 is one of the top-rated laptops. If you are looking for a gaming laptop Alienware 17 in the laptop you are going to need.

Alienware 17

Alienware has many great laptops but the Alienware 17 raises the bar. Alienware is the latest laptop that is produced by Dell. the major difference between Alienware 17 with the previous ones is an upgrade to Intel 8th generation processors. This means it packs more CPU cores than the previous versions. Also, this laptop comes in Core i9-8950 HK which turns this amazing laptop to an utter monster. There are different varieties of configuration available at different prices and different models. The prices start from a 1,560$ to 3,810$. And with optional features, the prices can get higher accordingly. The cheaper models come with a 6 core Core i7- 8750 H.


Core i9-8950 HK
512 GB storage
2560*1440 display
17-inch display
Weights 9 pounds
32GB DDR4/266 RAM

Advantages and disadvantages

Alienware 17 has a variety of configuration options that you can choose from. It has an excellent build quality, in fact, it has one of the best build qualities. Is also has a beautiful and unique look which makes it very attractive to gamers or anyone who loves gaming laptops. The gaming performances are exceptional and it has one of the highest performance gaming features. The only two major disadvantages that Alienware 17 has is that firstly, it is very heavy and big. But you should remember that all the gaming laptops are heavy as well. secondly, the battery life is also average. The rear of Alienware 17 is not its best feature as it has ditched the traditional laptop design. Because of this, there is a huge lip on the back which is actually very useful as it helps to keep the hardware cool inside the laptop but it doesn’t look very good and it gets really hot during long gaming sessions. The keyboard offers a decent depth and it is designed in a way that it never feels too much like other laptop keyboards. This is perfect for gaming as your hands don’t get as tired when you play long gaming sessions. The great feature about the keyboard is that it enables over 108 key commands for maximum action per minute. You are able to create or download different themes for your keyboard lights that are designed with optional per-key lighting. The touchpad as well works very smoothly as it should. Although the touchpad might feel a bit small at times it is very satisfying to use. Another feature that Alienware 17 offers is the built-in Tobii eye tracker. You can sign in to your windows 10 via face recognition. This feature is very great, however, the Tobii hardware is placed below the panel as a series of continuous flickering red lights. This seems a bit distracting for when you are playing games and want to be focused. Alienware 17 has also been upgraded to give the gamers the tools that they need. When you are purchasing an Alienware 17 remember that you can have additional options that this line offers. Depending on your need you can add many other features to your laptop for better uses. Alienware 17 is also designed for VR. It offers a VR ready system so you can experience virtual reality the way they were meant to be experienced.

Customer Satisfactory

Customers are very satisfied with Alienware 17. They have reported that although it is expensive to purchase this laptop it is totally worth it. This laptop is strong and fast and does the job that you want it to do. No major problems with the machine have been reported. The only issue is that the laptop tends to get hot at times when you play long hours of gaming sessions. The customers are very happy with Alienware 17 as they were always happy with the previous versions as well.


If you are looking to upgrade your laptop to a gaming one or if you want to purchase your first gaming laptop, Alienware 17 is one of your best options. Although it might be a bit expensive for some people but the money you are paying is going to be worth the amazing, high quality, fast and powerful Alienware 17 that you are going to get. Whether you are a professional gamer or you have just started gaming this laptop is absolutely great for you. With your purchase you will have 1-4 years of accidental damage services which is great because it includes screen breaks, liquid splits, accidental drops and fall, etc.