Amazon Kindle Oasis Review


E-readers made reading cool again; they are light, compact and can store thousands of books in a device that is less than an inch thick. They were a revolution for literature and a very good purchase for book-lovers. But they have kept developing, and they just keep getting better and better with each model.

Amazon might be the biggest e-readers-producing company, and their e-reader, the Kindle, has now a couple of models for you to decide. Out of all of them, the Kindle Oasis is the most recent and most powerful model, and when you finish reading this review you might want to buy one.

With an asymmetrical distribution, the Kindle Oasis presents a very different design from the previous models. The screen of the Kindle Oasis is moved to one side, now sitting next to two buttons to flip pages. This bigger bezel is also very comfortable for holding the Kindle with just one hand, which makes the two buttons really useful. This model of Kindle found a way of incrementing practicality without losing points in attractiveness.
The Oasis features an aluminum rear, rather than the classic plastic exterior that the previous models had in common, which makes it even more elegant. And you can now take your Kindle with you everywhere, even the beach and the pool. If you are one of those that worry over the possibility of their Kindle touching water, you have nothing to worry about with the Oasis. This new model of Kindle features IPX8 rating water-resistance, meaning that you could read one meter underwater for over an hour.

This new model of Kindle, the Kindle Oasis, is way faster than the previous models and, although the page flipping is not instantaneous yet, the gap between input and output is getting narrower.
The Kindle Oasis also features a very comfortable design to read holding the e-book with only one hand. The thicker bezel and the page-flip buttons make it a very pleasant experience.
The screen is also bigger than previous models. The Oasis has a 7-inch screen with 300 PPI, in contrast to the 6-inch screens of the previous models. This makes for a better reading experience since you can now read more lines in one page, making it less necessary to turn pages as often, which results in an even better battery life.

Finally, the Kindle Oasis also features Audible integration for you to enjoy audiobooks straight from your e-reader. It connects with your Audible account and lets you buy any audiobook you want easily.

A 7 inches screen.
Faster interface interaction than the previous models.
A sidebar with two buttons to turn the pages.
Ergonomic design to hold the e-reader with just one hand.
Elegant-looking aluminum rear.
IPX8 water-resistance.
Audible integration.
Battery life of weeks.

Customer Satisfaction
Most people that have tried using the Kindle Oasis are avid readers and, as such, they love the product. The feedback from the public has been enormously positive. The customers like the larger screen over any other feature. A larger screen let them read more comfortably, without having to flip the page so often.
The faster interface is another target of praise for the Kindle Oasis. People want the pages to flip as fast as they can, no one wants to stop reading for a few seconds while waiting for the device to do something. That’s why the faster performance of the Oasis is a really important feature for the users.
The Audible integration is also something people enjoy. Audiobooks have gained in popularity lately, and there are more people wanting to hear audiobooks than ever before. So many people loved the Audible integration on their e-reader.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The main advantages of having an Oasis over previous models are, as stated before, the larger screen and the performance of the Kindle. Being able to read with as few interferences as possible is the characteristic customers are looking for when buying an e-reader, and the Oasis is the best one satisfying that need to this day.
However, the price might be too high if you don’t read that much, and it is probably not worthy

Common Asked Questions
How can I connect headphone to use Audible?
The Kindle Oasis doesn’t feature a headphone jack so the only way to do it is via Bluetooth.
How do I buy a book?
It’s easy, just attach your Kindle to your Amazon account and buy it on the Kindle.

The Kindle Oasis is an amazing device for the book-lovers, but the price might be the thing preventing many people from buying it. $250 is no joke, and it is probably not worth it for the casual reader. If you fall in that category, the Kindle Paperwhite is a better option, being that its price is less than half than the Oasis’ price, and the most important features of the Kindle Oasis (everything related to actually reading) are basically the same in the Paperwhite.
However, if you fall more in the avid reader side, this is probably a good purchase for you. The larger screen and the waterproof feature make it more comfortable if a significant part of your day reading books.