Beats X Earbuds and Beats Studio 3 Wireless Review, Specs


Picking great headphones is very important since most of us can’t go anywhere without listening to music. And who wants to listen to bad quality music all day? Here we introduce to you 2 great options that you can choose from to have a great sound quality to listen to your music. Beats by Dr. Dre is a famous brand that offers many different types of headphones. They might be a bit pricey but the quality of the sound you will get makes it all worth it.

Beats X earbuds

Earbuds come in three different designs. One type of earbuds is a fully wired in-ears that connect to a jack that is usually 3.5mm. Another type of earbuds are the ones that are completely wireless. In this type, earbuds connect to each other and to your device through Bluetooth. The third type of earbuds come with a cable that wraps behind your neck connecting the two earbuds. The Beats X falls into the third category of earbuds. The wire between the earbuds provides a space to in-line controls and a battery that allows your earbuds to last longer between charger. You are also able to communicate with Siri using your earbuds.

Advantages and disadvantages

The short cable that goes around your neck makes it harder for you to lose your earbuds than the fully wireless ones. So the cable is actually a great feature. Although the cable might seem like not an ideal solution but the short cable comes in handy when it comes to protecting your earbuds. The in-line controls are very basic but also very effective which is a great feature as it makes using the earbuds much easier. The flat cable between the earbuds might seem like it is going to get in the way but in fact, the flat design of the cable makes it to naturally sit on your neck and don’t get in the way at all. We all know the feeling when we constantly feel the earbuds are about to fall out. A great feature that Beats X has is the technique that is used to carry most of the weight in the thickest part of the cable and this allows the smaller cables used in the earbuds to run up to your ears. The earbuds are water resistant which is great for workouts. Remember that they are not fully waterproof they are just water resistant. Beats X earbuds don’t do a great job keeping the exterior noise out as well as a decent job they do, stopping the music to escape.

Beats X earbuds features

Eartip basics
Noise canceling
Water resistant
Eight hours battery life
4 sets of ear tips

Customer satisfactory

While the customers are quite happy with the sound quality they do not find the pricing reasonable for this particular quality of the sound. The prices are a bit high and the customers can find better sound quality with less money.

Beats studio 3 wireless headphone

Beats studio 3 are great wireless headphones that are very popular for the sound quality and many other great features that they offer. These headphones connect to your device through Bluetooth and do not include a cable and are completely wireless. They come in many different colors that you can choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages

Apple has designed the inside of Beats studio 3 in a way that when you want to pair your headphones to your phone you will have no difficulties. In most wireless headphones, connecting the headphone to the device is the most annoying part sometimes. But in this design whenever you turn your headphones on your iPhone will bring up a popup and allows you to connect with no trouble whatsoever. One of the great qualities of studio 3 headphones is noise canceling technology. Most noise canceling headphones have an additional noise to them which is very annoying but Beats studio 3 doesn’t make any additional noise which means a better sound quality. The special design of the ear cushions has made the headphones comfortable as they are very soft. Another great feature is the battery life of Beats studio 3. You can turn 10 minutes of charging into 3 hours of listening to music when the battery is low. It also offers 22 hours of battery life which makes these headphones exceptional.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphone Feature

Beats X features
Noise canceling
Remote talk audio cable
Up to 22 hours of battery life

Customer satisfactory

The customers are not very happy about the low and heavy sound that Beats studio 3 offers. Most vocals and instrumentation sound are dragged down and the main sound that you hear is the heavy drum and bass. Customers who used headphones that did the opposite had a bit of difficulty getting used to the Beats studio 3 sound but once they got used to it they were very satisfied with it. Some other customers, however, consider the strong bass as a great advantage and are very happy with it.


Both Beats X and Beats studio 3 are great products that you can purchase. If you care about the quality of the sound when you listen to your music these two are great options that you have. Considering your budget and your need you can easily choose and enjoy your music as you should be.