Duracell Power Stick Inverter Review


Before going straight to define a car power inverter, it is first needful to understand the difference between the DC and AC? In simple terms, the DC current refers to the current that is obtained from the batteries whereas the AC current refers to current that is obtained at home. With this fact at the back of our mind, it is important to understand that most cars will supply the DC current whereas most of the consumer electronics do only support the AC current. This brings a need to convert the current from the DC to the AC which will support the consumer electronics.
To achieve the use of AC devices while on the road, the use of power inverter becomes of great essence. With the presence of the car power inverter, this becomes an easy and normal task to ensure any user just plugs his gadget into the power inverted in the car and uses it just as is the case back at home. While there are many notable car power inverters, one of the most common and popular car power inverters is the Duracell power stick inverter. This is one of the car power inverters developed to offer a lasting solution to the constraints related to using power while in the car.

If you are a constant traveler or just an infrequent voyager, then powering your phone, tablet, mini laptop, Kindle or any other gadget will be one important aim. This is due to the fact that the present digital times have left many of us yearning to be on the internet to read, share and capture the moment. If this is the case, then the Duracell power stick inverter is just what you have been looking for. Coupled with its AC and USB support, the Duracell power stick inverter is not only ideal for every other user but beats other car power inverters in the game. First and foremost, compared to other car power inverters that only supply 10-50 watts of power, the Duracell power stick inverter triples the supply of power with a larger margin which ensures that any high ended gadget is covered within the range and also is notably able to charge increasingly faster than with the other lower watt car power inverters. This not only ensures convenience but also ensures maximum satisfaction for the user who needs to charge his camera, tablet or laptop that requires higher watt input.

Owning a Duracell power stick inverter is not only an advantage to the routine and one time traveler but also an essential component. The Duracell power stick inverter can be used with any 12 volts car which ensures that the inverted did not over-stress the car battery as compared to most other car inverters would do. Moreover, the Duracell power stick inverter is also quite compatible and its size ensures that it any consumer can be able to carry it around with any ease as its compact and also convenient to carry around. The Duracell power stick inverter allows its users the ability to power both their AC using the USB as well as direct ports which is much more convenient to other car inverters. Another benefit of the product is its reliability and long life which stems from its durability even under strenuous conditions making it more suitable to own as compared to other car inverter options. The Duracell power stick inverter also comes with a heating fan which is set by its creators as a way of controlling heat levels during the use of the product. As it is the case, the inverter conversion process leads to the generation of lots of heat which in other car inverters has been seen to cause melting to the cr inverter. However, with the Duracell power stick inverter, melting many not occur due to the presence of the heating fan which will ensure great amounts of heat are lost to the environment as supported by the fan. The Duracell power stick inverter also has a safety mode created by its developers to ensure that the product offers the highest amount of possible safety in its use. This is determined by the short circuit protection which helps to protect the car inverter from any case of overload which is quite often with most car inverter products. The design of the Duracell power stick inverter is also beneficial to its users as it offers the users the ability to use the Duracell power stick inverter while seated at the back and front seat positions with many conveniences required. This is supported by the Duracell power stick inverter offering a broader reach which is a great advantage of the product.

The Duracell power stick inverter has the following features:
Presence of a USB port and AC outlet which both offer 1 AMP and up to 150 watts respectively for the two cases as required.
The Duracell power stick inverter comes in a black and white option
The Duracell power stick inverter is up to 4-5 inches in size
The product comes in 3 cord phase
Customer satisfaction
A lot of customers commented on how efficient the converter to their needs because it has a lot of power. Additionally, most of them commended the appliance for producing little noise which they thought was not possible for inverters.

The inverter is suitable for camping as well as tailgating and is easy to carry around, It can power up PCs, televisions and other small tools since it is able to produce a lot of power. The appliance produces little noise and it also ensures safety by protecting a vehicle from overloads
Common questions asked
What is the length of the cord?
The inverter’s cord is 39 inches
Do you charge the inverter?
400 watts will be produced right away by plugging the inverter into the car

An efficient inverter is one that will provide back up for a long period of time. The Duracell Power Stick Inverter is one you can rely on as it can do all that, additionally; it has the advantage of producing little noise thus preferred by a lot of customers such as those who travel regularly.