iHome Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad


The advancement of technology has brought with it a lot of gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. These are the most commonly used devices in the globe. They are powered by batteries that need regular charging in order to stay in use. As such, the tech industry has also come up with varying charging options in order to suit the needs of their users. At first, cell phones were charged using standard wired charging. With time, this was improved to include wireless charging whereby users can charge their phones and tablets without having to get to the wall socket. One of these wireless charging devices is the Ihome Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad which has taken the market by storm. We, therefore, seek to discover more about this device.

Charging has been made easier by the introduction of wireless charging. The Ihome Ultra Wireless Charging Pad is one of the best in this field. It not only limited to charging smartphones but also tablets. For a device to be deemed chargeable by this charging pad, it has to have a Qi wireless charging standard. This ensures that the phone can be charged from its backside without having to use a cord from the wall socket. It is globally accepted and has therefore undergone various tests to prove its functionality. The charging pad charges through a process known as inductive coupling, which passes electromagnetic waves to the base of the phone which is transmitted to electric energy that can charge the device.

The Ihome Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad has a wide range of benefits. For starters, no charging cord is needed. The manufacturers of the charging pad have done away with the use of cumbersome cords and in order to charge, the user needs to place the smartphone on the charging pad thus no plugging or unplugging. This method of charging is faster than the normal wireless charging. This is because it boasts of 10W which means it can charge twice as fast as the standard 5W wireless charging pads. By placing a smartphone on the surface of the charging pad, one might think that there is a chance of slipping. Nevertheless, it has a non-slip surface which grips the phone and thus, no chance of slipping to the floor. Moreover, it takes up little space due to its slim nature that has eased its portability. There is no chance of destruction of the user’s gadgets. The charging pad is also built for protection and thus protects the phone from overcharging or short-circuiting. This is attributed to the reduced rate of wear and tear of the wireless charging pad as compared to cables which easily get worn out leading to short-circuiting. As a result, this charging device is durable and has a long functional life. The mode of charging of the pad entails no insertion of cables and thus, prevents the phone from getting malware especially when you borrow a charger whose model is not specific to the smartphone model.

This wireless charging pad has an array of features which include:
Anti-slip gadget surface covering
No charging cord
Leather surface
WPC certification
3foot cable
Super slim design
Low key led indicator
Polycarbonate construction

Customer Satisfaction
Positive feedback has been given by users who have used this wireless charging pad. They are impressed by the slim nature that enables it to be portable. Also, the ability to charge multiple devices has intrigued future consumers into investing in the device. Its waterproof nature has been embraced positively since it can be used even in the presence of children who always seem to be spilling beverages around the house.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The use of the wireless charging pad has its pros and cons. The fact that it has done away with the use of cables has made charging less cumbersome. Once the charging pad is fully charged, the user can use it to charge the phone in remote areas. However, it has been discovered that the use of the wireless charging pad is quite slow. In the case of limited time, it would be advisable to use wired charging in order to have more charge retained. Secondly, since the phone is charged by Qi method where it rests on the pad by its backside, a user cannot access the services of the phone until the phone has fully charged. Lifting the phone up will stop charging which is detrimental to the battery life of the smartphone.

Common Questions Asked
Is the charging pad hot during charging?
No. The charging pad is fitted with a cool coil charging apparatus that allows it to charge one or multiple devices without heating up.

Does it work with a cable?
Yes. The wireless charging pad comes with a 3-foot cable that ensures it is charged from the wall socket and thus, able to charge smartphones and tablets.

Is the wireless charging waterproof?
Yes. The charging pad is made of waterproof material to avoid shocks when accidental spillages take place.

In conclusion, every smartphone user should get the Ihome Ultra Slim Wireless Charging Pad. It is optimal for use since it has a good bargaining price compared to other wireless chargers and yet, it has better specifications. Its ability to charge multiple devices is also worth checking out.