iPad Pro (2018) Review, Specs, Price


Apple has a tendency to create iconic products that transform the way we do things. The iPhone took the smartphone market to the next level, the iPod revolutionized the way people listened to music, and the iPad’s versatility made it an adequate replacement for computers in some situations. While other companies have attempted to follow Apple’s footsteps, they haven’t yet managed to reach the heights Apple has. The iPad Pro might not be as successful as the iPhone but is a hit product in its own right. iPads are well-loved among professional designers, artists, graphic designers, and individuals from similar fields.

Introduction to iPad Pro

The first iPad Pro was launched back in 2015 and it was well-received by almost everyone. The larger screen, better processor, larger battery life and memory, etc., make it an appealing device for professionals. iPad was ideal for people who wanted an on-the-go device to supplement their computing needs. Experts noted that while iPads performed some tasks as well as a computer, it wasn’t a full replacement so people would still need a computer for more intensive tasks.

Every generation of iPad that followed the first release is reaching for that goal of being a laptop replacement. The first generation of this device was released in 2015 and the second was released in 2017. Since the last release, people have been waiting impatiently for the latest iteration of the iPad Pro. While Apple didn’t release the Pro tablet with its new iPhones, most speculate it will drop by the end of October.

Features and Benefits of iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is designed for professionals and has professional-grade features. Apple has a good track record of keeping bloatware low and making sure only the best and most useful features find their way into the new devices. Here’s a look at some of the key features of the previous generation iPad Pro and the speculation around upgrades in the upcoming version:

Display – The previous generation iPad Pro had a 10.5-inch display, which was bigger than the first gen model. Apple increased the screen size without increasing the weight and dimensions of the new model. They will follow the same pattern with the new iPad Pro models. The 2018 devices will have an edge-to-edge display like the one found in iPhone X and its successors. Smaller bezels mean Apple can fit in a bigger screen without increasing overall device size. In fact, many experts speculate that the company will reduce the overall size of iPad Pro 2018.

Design – The previous iPad has a very clean design with a home button at the bottom, narrow bezels on all sides, and a camera on top. The newer iPad design is likely to be inspired by iPhone X design. Experts speculate the new iPad Pros won’t have a home button and it won’t include the dreaded camera notch, which was so prevalent in most 2018 phones.

Pro Motion Display – The ProMotion display was big news in 2017. No other tablet had a display with a 120Hz refresh rate. This display is crisp and very smooth. There’s no lag when you play games, watch videos, or just browse through the internet. The previous iPads had a regular LCD display that only operated in 60Hz. It is possible that Apple will retain this feature or improve it with the new iPad Pro.

Performance – The second generation iPad Pro had higher CPU speed, graphics speed, and better battery life. Everything was 30% to 40% faster. Users can expect a similar boost in performance with the new iPad Pros. It is likely that Apple will use its latest chip in the iPad.

There are many other features of note in the previous and current generation of Ipads. You can expect all the features to improve. The new iPad Pro might also include FaceID and remove the headphone jack.


Customer Response

Customer response to iPad Pro has always been either mixed or good. These iPads suit specific types of users best, which is why many Apple fans choose regular iPads instead of iPad Pros. Apple’s iOS 12 has already garnered much praise in the tech community. Some tech reviewers have even called this Apple’s best-operating systems yet. It is possible that the new iPad Pros will ship with this OS.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most common complaint the price because iPad Pros are expensive. Aside from this factor, the customer reviews are good. Most Apple users love the improvements on the previous generation and they will be eager to see an iPad Pro with the latest Apple design. People who are moving some Android tabs will find the iPad Pro ecosystem a little too restrictive. However, you get excellent software efficiency with great hardware.

Common Questions

1. Will the pen stylus come with the iPad?

You will have to get the Apple Pencil separately as it doesn’t come in a pack. It works well with the latest screen developments and advances.

2. Will it have a camera?

The iPhone will most likely have two cameras; one primary camera and one for HD Facetime.

iPad devices rarely disappoint and work efficiently for several years. That makes iPad Pro a worthwhile purchase. The 2018 version will be even better.