LG ThinQ Specs & News & Review


LG and Samsung are some of the biggest appliance and consumer device manufacturers from South Korea. They give brands like Apple tough competition in the smartphone industry by introducing a wide range of phones with top-notch specs. They also periodically introduce new technology in their devices to keep up with the developments in the industry. The LG ThinQ is one such series of products driven by the latest developments.


Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Most smartphone users have adapted to technology and frequently use them in everyday life. AI and Machine Learning have become more widespread and widely used that companies like Google have started calling themselves an AI centric business. LG clearly read the writing on the wall and introduced ThinQ, which is an AI that will be present in all their smart products, including the smartphones.

The AI has deep learning capabilities so it will be able to eventually learn about your preferences and requirements to act accordingly. The devices with ThinQ will be able to communicate with each other and share information to provide the best services. The products will also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which makes is much more versatile than other products available in the market. The latest smartphone device with this deep learning capability is LG G7 ThinQ. Aside from smartphones, this feature is also available in air conditioners, televisions, and other such items.

Features and Benefits

The wonderful features and benefits of ThinQ and the phones under its banner ensure this venture from LG is a success. Here are some of the most stand out features of this product:

Camera – LG always includes great cameras in their phones. The G7, for example, has a dual camera set up of 16MP each. The primary camera is a standard angle and the second one is wide angle. The hardware is impressive but the software to back it up is even better. The app provides automatic light detection and adjusts the settings accordingly. The ThinQ system will also recommend ideal ISO settings and shutter speeds to get the best picture.

Better Ability to Hear – The optimized software/hardware combination ensures your AI assistant can hear you loud and clear from any corner of your room. The extended range can come in handy when you need to access the phone from a distance.

Voice AI – If you want to change the settings or run different apps, you usually need to interact with the phone directly. The Voice AI allows you to carry out all interactions with the phone, which is a more ideal way to get things done.

These are just a few of the many features ThinQ will provide. Its biggest advantage is that it is connected to other LG smart devices like TV and refrigerator. Owners can create an entire convenient eco-system if needed.

Customer Response

Customers like the idea of owning a series of smart devices they can control remotely. This is apparent from the success of Google Home and similar products. The market is still untried, which means people are slow to adapt to new AIs. However, the LG G7 and V30S both have been highly successful in the market. The good response from customers indicates that ThinQ will continue to be a successful platform as it grows and develops over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

LG doesn’t provide a separate assistant like SIRI or Google Assistant, which helps people become more familiar with the AI. It is integrated into different apps and provides a seamless experience. Some reviewers and users do state that the AI seems a little gimmicky but most experienced ones mention that deep learning AIs need time to learn.

Aside from the AI, both G7 and V30S are solid phones with great screens, excellent camera performance, and good interfaces. Users often complained about LG bloatware in the past because those apps ate up space and still didn’t deliver a good experience. LG took these reviews into consideration to create a cleaner and leaner platform. The improvements in software make these devices very popular. In fact, they’re popular enough to present a tough competition to Samsung.

Common Questions

1. Will I be able to use other Assistants?

You can use Google Assistant and Alexa is also supported. These devices run Android OS so you can use assistants supported by Android.

2. Is the launch button customizable?

The launch button under the volume rocker isn’t programmable but it does launch Google Assistant directly instead of LG’s AI or other assistants.

3. Does the phone have a headphone jack?

Both V30S and G7 under the ThinQ line have great headphone jacks that will work with your headphones to deliver good quality music. The H-Fi Quad DAC delivers superior sound, especially when it is paired with great hardware.

As you can see, these devices provide good performance and have great features. They’re also more affordable compared to some of the other flagships available in the market. LG phones have a good track record when it comes to performance and durability.