$1,500 MacBook 2018 Review


Laptops are a very competitive area of the tech industry. A lot of companies have perfected the craft and the competition for high-end machines is fiercer than ever before. Apple, being one of the companies in the eye of the storm, is constantly releasing better and better devices every year. That’s why many people believe that this October Apple might announce the new model of their MacBook, and there are a lot of rumors surrounding this awaited announcement. There are facts that hint at it is true too! Let’s see what is rumored around Apple’s next laptop.

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, many people think that the release of a MacBook later this year is almost a factual truth. Many expected the announcement to be made at the iPhone XS event, but Apple didn’t say a thing about the new MacBook. In any case, it’s just a matter of time before they announce it. Last year’s MacBook was really well-received by the public, and Apple can’t let the momentum of the MacBook fade. And with the hype the rumors around this year’s MacBook, starting with the release of 8th-generation processors, there basically no way Apple doesn’t release a MacBook this year.

According to the rumors, the MacBook 2018 should feature brand new 8th-gen processors, which would make it way more powerful and capable than last year’s version.
Also, on the side of improvement, Apple recently filed a patent for the detailed plans for indestructible hardware. This would make the new MacBook 2018 if integrated, a stronger machine than last year’s MacBook, and probably stronger than most laptops on the market.
A trait that many people criticized about the MacBook since its initial launch was the lack of ports. With just one USB-C port and a headphone jack, the MacBook may be difficult to handle sometimes. Many expect this to change with this year’s device, expecting that Apple listened to the customers and added another USB-C. The MacBook Pro, which has a similar price, features two ports. That makes the buyers hope that the new MacBook follows the lead of its sibling device and features two USB-C ports.

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The MacBook Air has been ubiquitous for almost 10 years, striking an ideal mix between affordability and power. But as anyone who’s recently seen non-Apple laptops knows, the Air has fallen behind. The new MacBook Air, loaded with upgraded specs, a Retina display, Touch ID and USB-C, moves two steps forward, but takes one step back. Even with more power under the hood, the new Air is lighter and smaller than its predecessor, and the changes to the keyboard, bezels and touchpad may surprise older Air owners but they’re net improvements. ??? But then there’s the price. The new MacBook Air starts at $1,199 — putting it closer to the basic MacBook Pro than the older Air price, which raises the question as to whether the Air can still become to go-to laptop for say, college students. Apple’s much-needed Air upgrade works well, but much like its other recent new products, a central question remains: Is it actually worth the price? ? ? #apple #macbook #macbookair #laptop #laptops #computer #computers #appleproducts #macbookair2018 #tech #technology #technews #techie #tech #macos

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The MacBook has not been released yet, it hasn’t even been officially announced, so the actual specs for the new MacBook are not known, but there are a few features we can hope for:
There are rumors of the new MacBook featuring 8th-generation Kaby Lake R processors, but those are already a bit old so they will be probably using even better processors.
A stronger build that prevents the MacBook from getting scratches.
Bigger and better speakers.
A 1080p webcam.
A second USB-C port, aside from a headphone jack and maybe a microSD card reader although that may be asking too much.
There is a possibility that the new MacBook features a touch-screen keyboard, based on Apple’s plans to make a dual-screen MacBook, which would make it easier to change the language and to type emojis.

Customer Satisfaction
The success of last year’s MacBook will be a key factor on the making of the new model, as well as the criticism that last year’s release faced. Customers like Apple and that’s not out of the air; their products are well done and have good performance. But people won’t keep accepting tiny improvable details forever. The new MacBook need to fix some little details, such as the speakers’ size, the webcam quality and the number of ports the MacBook features.
Aside from that, the MacBook will probably be a laptop that people will love. With the 8th-gen processors, the performance these machines will have will be outstanding, to say the least.
Finally, if the touch screen keyword comes to reality, and Apple does it well implementing a good haptic feedback, we may be witnessing a revolution. Since it is easier to make a screen waterproof than it is to make so a keyboard, we may see a lot of manufacturers go for the touchscreen keyboards in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The new MacBook will feature a better processor which will enhance the performance quite a bit. And while the new additions might make the MacBook a bit more expensive, there are high probabilities that Apple will release a cheaper version.

However, these are just rumors. The MacBook might be announced later this month and may be a completely different device from want we are expecting. And there is the thing we are hoping for that have no real facts backing them, like the extra USB-C port or a better webcam.

Common Asked Questions
When will it be announced?
Nobody really knows, but it will probably be announced in late October.
Will there be a cheaper version?
That’s probable. Early this year there were rumors that Apple would release five different MacBooks this year. The MacBook Pro already took two spots, so there are three left to play around with.

The MacBook will probably be an amazing laptop that’s worth every single dollar of its price, but we won’t know for sure until an official announcement is made. We can only be hopeful.