MacBook Pro Specs, Review 2018


Today almost everything is done by computers. Kids use their laptops to study, people do their work with computers. Computers, in general, are a great part of our lives. If you are looking to buy a new laptop or even your very first MacBook is a great option for you. When it comes to laptops, most people prefer a laptop they are more comfortable with. One of the reasons that MacBooks is very popular is because they are very easy to use. So it’s something that most people go to. But if you have any apple product you would know that whenever you purchase a great product a while after the release of that product, another product comes to the market that is offering many more features. If you don’t want to constantly change your devices then you should make a good decision about what to purchase. You can choose a product according to your need and your budget. Although MacBooks is a bit pricey in general they are worth the money as it will work perfectly for you for years.

MacBook Pro 2018

Apple has released the 2018 version of MacBook pro 13 inch and 15 inch with a touch bar. This new MacBook has many new great features. since apple always has something new to introduce, the new 2018 MacBook also comes with some new features. MacBook Pro 2018 is not much different than other Macs from the outside. However, it is a major update with the internals. Especially the resolution is just mind-blowing. That is one of the major changes that has made everyone very happy. Pro 2018 come with a great amount of power using 4GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD that can go up to 2TB.


Intel Core i5 processor
Retina display
Resolution 5120*2880, 14.7 million pixels
Touch ID
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
Double sized trackpad
256GB SSD storage
Touch bar
Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz
More CPU cores
Better GPUs

Advantage and Disadvantage

The touch bar is useful and might save a couple of seconds but it is not a revolutionary feature that Apple thought it would be. The LCD retina display is a great advantage that 2018 Macbook pro has. It included 25% more colors and 67% higher contrast ratio. The resolution is a 5120*2880 and 14.7 million pixels. The touch ID user is an improvement. Many users can now log in via fingerprints scanner. In order to keep the fingerprints, safe Macbook pro has carried over the secure enclave from the iPhone. This is considered a disadvantage for those who don’t use iPhones. Because the touch ID stores your sign up details so you can buy apps or services online or even sign up to different services like Netflix using your fingerprint. Other advantages include loud and enjoyable speakers, responsive touchpad, hard drive performance and of course it’s a great look. The 2018 pro is also a lot faster than the previous ones. However, the keyboard is below average and has some issues. Due to recent issues Apple had with the MacBook keyboard, a new design is offered in the 2018 pro which has a slightly slower typing speed and higher error rate that MacBook 2018. MacBook Pro 2018 with touch bar comes with a headphone jack considering that Apple thinks that USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 in the future and ditched all the other ports.

Customer satisfactory

Customers are mostly happy with the product except with the keyboard. Another major issue is that the touch bar seems useless to most customers although it is well implemented it just serves no useful purposes. So people find the 2018 pro, not that revolutionary as its new feathers will not affect their work so much. It is pricey to get the MacBook Pro 2018 with a Core i5 processor. These prices used to get you Core i7 an even a RAM upgrade maybe. People are not happy with how much Pro 2018 costs.

Common questions

Is the keyboard good or bad?
If you are asking about durability, 2018 pro looks very promising as a silicone cover is used under every key. The typing speed is slightly slower than the previous ones and it is not quieter as Apple said it is.


Macbook 2018 that come in two sizes 13 inch and 15 inch is a high-quality laptop. Pro 2018 is fast and powerful and comes with many features. The touch bar on the keyboard has made this Macbook different than the previous ones on the outside. You might not find revolutionary changes as the touch bar might not be so useful to you but it is still a great feature to so many others. Other features like touch ID and the high-resolution display has brought people’s attention to this pricey MacBook. If you are looking for a laptop that lasts you a long time, this can be a great choice depending on your need.