Razer Phone Specs, Review 2018


Razer is a well-known name in the gaming industry. The company’s gaming laptops, keyboards, headgear, etc., are some of the most coveted items by professionals and gaming enthusiasts. So it wasn’t a surprise when that Razer Phone generated a lot of hype when it was first announced. It was a phone for hardcore gamers and its specs certainly showed it. The company promised it would deliver a truly immersive experience and run all kinds of games. This article explores the marvelous piece of technology and provides all the details you need to know about it.


Most phones available in the market today, even the top-tier flagships, don’t provide satisfactory performance. While they can run games, the gaming experience is somewhat lackluster. Low frame-rates, frequent lags, rapid battery drain, and other such problems frustrate phone users and eventually cause them to give up. They stick with their computers and consoles because the mobile alternative doesn’t work. Razer decided to fill this void with its phone.

Speculation regarding this device started when Razer purchased Nextbit, a fledgling manufacturer with a distinctive white and blue phone design. Razer upgraded the build quality, specs, and made the appearance more industrial while keeping the silhouette of the Nextbit phone. The design and specs upgrade garnered universal appreciation from the tech community. The first-impression reviews were largely positive and hopeful.

Features and Benefits of This Phone

This phone has several stand-out features that reveal its true purpose easily. Here’s a look at the most important and impressive details:

Body – The first thing people notice is the phone’s body and build quality. It is a solid phone with some good weight in the hands. It is made from aluminum and sports an impressive industrial design that makes it stand apart from all other phones in the market.

Display – The display is the phone’s biggest moneymaker, so to speak. It is a 5.7” IGZO IPS LCD panel with 16 million colors. The most impressive thing about it is the 120hz screen refresh rate, which leads to a buttery smooth experience. It also offers 300 nits of brightness so outdoor visibility is quite good.

Processing Hardware – The phone has Snapdragon 835 with an Octa-Core CPU. It also has Adreno 540 GPU for superior gaming performance. Adreno GPUs are well-known in the gaming industry and used in almost all devices. That’s one of the reasons why this phone a has such great gaming performance.

Sound – Sound is another stand out quality of this phone. Razer worked with Dolby to develop an excellent speaker system. It has Atmos THX-certified stereo front-facing speakers. The speaker grills are available on the top and bottom of the screen for maximum volume. It can get pretty loud and maintains sound quality at high volume.

Battery – The phone has a Li-Po battery of 4,000mAh. It can easily last throughout the day and deliver good gaming performance at the same time. It has Qualcomm QuickCharge so you can expect around 50% of the battery to be charged in 30 minutes. There’s also a game booster mode where you can improve battery life while in gaming mode. Testing indicates it has an endurance rating of up to 68 hours.

Razer Phone is also very customizable. You can adjust the phone settings, lower the screen refresh rate for regular use, add skins, etc. The versatility makes it a very appealing product for power users who love to customize every aspect of their device.

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The Razer Phone 2 mobile features a 5.7" (14.48 cm) display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and runs on Android v8.1 (Oreo) operating system. The device is powered by Snapdragon 845 Octa core (2.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 385 + 1.8 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 385) processor paired with 8 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 4200 mAh. Over that, as far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 12 MP camera . Other sensors include Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope. For graphical performance that can make games run smoothly, this phone has got a Adreno 630 GPU. On board storage is at 64 GB with the option to expand the memory Up to 1 TB. Repost @s.c.tech #razorphone2 #razorphone #gaming #pubgmobile #pubg #fortnite #razor #IphoneX #iphonxs #iphonexsmax #Pixel3 #Pixel3XL #galaxynote9 #galaxys9 #galaxys10plus #galaxys10 #huaweimate20 #huaweimate20lite Video credit- @mkbhd

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Customer Response

Gamers were naturally delighted with the phone. It was designed with gaming performance in mind so everything from the high refresh rate to the large battery was pure delight for gamers. Regular customers also loved the phone’s performance thanks to the near-stock Android OS, screen, and buttery smooth performance. Many have said they’d be reluctant to switch back to a regular screen after experiencing the Razer screen. The famous tech YouTuber MKBHD give Razer phone his “Longest Battery Life” award.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Razer is a solid phone all around even if you aren’t into gaming, which is the norm for all Razer products. The excellent industrial design, great speakers, excellent screen, and solid hardware make it a great device. If one were to quibble, they might say the lack of a headphone jack and somewhat unsatisfactory camera performance might be drawbacks. The company does offer a USB dongle with a 24bit DAC.

Common Questions

1. What OS does it have?

Razer Phone was launched with Android Nougat but the company will support Android updates for two years so you can hang onto the phone for a long time.

2. Does it have a headphone jack?

Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t have a headphone jack. However, they do offer a dongle adapter for it.

3. Is the memory expandable?

Phone memory is limited to 64GB but you can expand it for up to 512GB with an SD card.

The Razer phone is an ideal device if you love gaming and want a handheld device for it. The phone’s regular performance is also on par with peers in the price range, which makes it a great buy.