Saber Romeo Power Bank Battery, Review, Specs


Power banks are special batteries in a special case that you can charge and use to charge your other devices by connecting your power bank to your devices. Depending on the type of the power bank you have, the number of the times you can fully charge your device varies. Some power banks don’t even charge your phone fully but with some of the better quality ones, you can charge your phone fully multiple times. Here we are going to introduce to you the Saber Romeo power bank and tell you all about it. If you are looking to buy a power bank reading this article is going to help you to make a better decision.

Saber Romeo

Romeo power has released an extremely useful portable battery/power bank. Saber Romeo power bank has a high capacity and offers the ability to charge a laptop as well as smartphones and other smaller electronic devices. It can hold up to 86 watt-hours ( almost 23,000mAh) of charge which is enough power to charge an iPhone up to ten times. It includes two USB ports and one USB-C connection. Romeo claims that Saber Romeo power bank has the capacity to charge a laptop twice. This great power bank is capable of charging up to four different devices at the same time without needing any extra accessories. To charge the power bank itself you need to charge it for two hours from when it is empty. This power bank weighs 2.2 pounds.


Water resistance
Drop and shockproof
FAA and TSA approved
2 USB ports, 1 USB-C port

Advantages and disadvantages

IOS users can check the state of the battery from their devices by using the Saber companion app. The app gives very detailed information about the remaining charge, changing time and everything else you would want to know about the state of your power bank. You can connect Saber Romeo power bank to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will send you a notification when things are fully charged. This is a very useful feature but of course, you need to be in a certain range from the power bank to receive this notification. This power bank is water resistance. Remember that water resistance is a very different term from waterproof. The fact that Saber Romeo power bank is FAA and TSA approved means that you are allowed to take it on an aircraft which is great. You always need a great power bank on a flight. Also, you need one that is not going to fail you. Since the Saber Romeo power bank has the capacity to hold up to 86 watt-hours, it is safe to say you can get on your flight with a fully charged power bank and have no worries about your other electrical devices battery. There are two hardware and two software that prevent Saber Romeo from overheating. This is in addition to the built-in inverter and the software that keeps everything under control. So if anything goes wrong the backup plan for this power bank is that two software and two hardware that will stop any heat leakage. This is a great feature that Saber Romero has since the power bank stores a lot of energy it is necessary to make sure of the safety. Romeo has provided overcharger and discharge protection for Saber power bank which helps to stretch the lifespan of the battery. Another protection system that Saber Romeo has is overvoltage protection. Saber Romeo power bank includes micro USB, USB-C, and an ordinary AC outlet so you can charge your devices with no extra accessories.

Customer satisfactory

The customers are mostly satisfied with this power bank. They find it reliable and very powerful. The international plugs come in handy and the tall design of the power bank is good for the customers as they are able to fit it in their bags easily. Also comparing to the other versions from the same brand, people prefer the Saber as it offers better features. however, there have been some reports about the product not working as it should. Some people had difficulties with the product and they reported that the power bank keeps getting shut down but the company solved the issue when they got informed about the problem.


If you are in need of a powerful power bank Saber Romeo is one of the good options that you have. It is very important to make sure that your power bank is not going to fail you when you need it the most. Especially when you are on flights or you don’t have access to the electricity for a couple of hours it is more important to make sure you have purchased a product that is going to have the power to charge your devices. This power bank offers a great amount of energy for you to keep your devices charged. Since the product has the capacity to charge your devices multiple times, you can make sure you are not going to run out of battery any time soon.