Samsung ChromeBook Pro Specs, Review, Price


Samsung is generally recognized for its TV’s and in the past couple of years for its smartphones, but they also offer quite a few Chromebooks. Chromebook Pro uses Google’s Chrome OS and the features are a lot like the smartphones. For example, ChromeBook pro comes with a built-in pen which is similar to what Samsung introduces in the latest smartphones. ChromeBooks include a high-resolution display. And it can be considered as almost a Laptop/Phone. Generally, Samsung can be a great brand to go to as one of its key strengths is its excellent tech support. Samsung has one of the best tech support in the in the market. If you are looking to buy a new Samsung laptop or you want to buy your very first one here are the things you need to know about ChromeBook Pro 2018.

ChromeBook Pro 2018

Samsung released one of the best ChromeBooks in 2017. The display 2400*1600 was among the best in a laptop. In 2018 Samsung released a slightly updated version of the ChromeBook Pro and it is listed as ChromeBook Pro 2018 with a backlit keyboard. From the specifications, you can tell that everything is identical with the previous ChromeBook except for the backlit keyboard. This means in 2018 you get the same 2017 intel core m3 the same 32GB storage and the same 4GB of Ram, which is a bit disappointing. The price is also the same. However, you must remember that ChromeBooks are not gaming laptops so you must not compare an inexpensive, high scoring ChromeBook to a high scoring, expensive gaming laptop. So when you want to learn about ChromeBook pro you need to evaluate others things like build quality, battery life, etc.


Intel Core m3 processor
Backlit keyboard
Build in pen
12.3” 2400*1600 LED Display
You can flip the screen
Build in pen

Advantages and disadvantages

ChromeBook pro battery lasts about 7.5 hours which is quite disappointing for a laptop that has the name Pro in it. Still, with this battery life, you can get through most of your work. Although it might not have a great battery life it works. When you remove the pen from the laptop’s base the pen tool activates on the screen. You can easily use the pen as you can see a pop up on the screen asking you what you would like to do. The pen is placed on the side carefully so you will not accidentally eject and lose it. The design of the keyboard can be considered a disadvantage as it is so ordinary. It offers the standard Chrome OS layout. However, the touchpad is very responsive. The feature that makes ChromeBook Pro 2018 different than the previous one is the backlit keyboard. A backlit keyboard is a keyboard with illuminated keys for a better viewing in dim or complete darkness. This feature is common among PC gamer market of a keyboard for aesthetics and for better viewing. This is a great feature that ChromeBook pro 2018 offers but that seems to be the only difference with the previous ones. Although you can get this ChromeBook for the same price as the other one with a backlit keyboard, some people expected more of the new ChromeBook so they are a bit disappointed. But if you are looking to buy a new laptop you can get the ChromeBook 2018 for the same price as 2016-2017. The speakers have a decent sound however because of the placement of them ( they are tucked on the underside of the laptop) you can easily cover them when you place your laptop on your lap. One of the features that this ChromeBook has is that you can flip the screen when you are done working to use for other purposes. For example, you can then start playing games or you can watch a film online when you have the keyboard out of the way.

Common questions

Does Chromebook pro have a camera?
No. but you can use some apps to access your webcam and use it as a camera.

How do I make my keyboard light up?
Press and hold the alt key and then tap on either down buttons or screen brightness.


In general, Samsung offers great laptops and if you are looking to buy one make sure to get the 2018 version as it has the same features and same price as the 2016-2017 one. ChromeBook come with a good resolution. Since Samsung has the best tech support in the business you can be sure that if you had any issues with your laptop you can get the support that you are going to need. ChromeBook can easily run multiple apps at once which is great for people who will need this feature. Some useful features such as the built-in pen and backlit keyboard make it easier for you to use your laptop for different uses. And finally, you can get a laptop that works well for you for a good price.