Samsung Tab S4 Summary, Price, Review, Specs


Since entering the market, tablets have gotten more and more popular, and more companies are trying to break into it. One of those companies was Samsung, with their Galaxy Tab series, which comes back this year with the release of the new Galaxy Tab S4. This new tablet may put some pressure over their competitors because it looks like Samsung finally get them into the tablet competition. Is it good enough to break into the market and make Samsung the lead company when it comes to tablets? Let’s find out.

With both front and back glass, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 presents itself as an elegant and high-class product, with a clean and elegant design. To this contribute the black and grey presentations, giving the tablet a very fancy look. But this tablet is not just about looking good. It features a 10.5” AMOLED screen with 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution, which makes for a fantastic media consumption experience. The Galaxy Tab S4 is a very good tablet for watching movies because of it 16:10 aspect ratio. Also, due to the larger size of its screen compared to the Galaxy Tab S3, it is also a really good choice for artists. And if you remember the Galaxy Tab S4, you will remember how big the bezels were. That was one of the biggest cons for the previous model. Fortunately, they are gone in the Galaxy Tab S4, which features slimmer bezels, that are comfortable enough to make holding the tablet without touching the screen really easy.

The biggest benefit you will get from buying a Galaxy Tab S4 comes from its screen. The HDR-supported apps look stunning and the wide range of color makes this screen perfect for watching movies; you will see a really accurate translation of how the shots are meant to look.
Its Snapdragon 835 processor is also a good feature, making it a very powerful tablet to play any video game you want without worrying about lag or performance.
If you are an artist, the S Pen will be also a big benefit from buying the Galaxy Tab S4. The interaction between the stylus and the screen is almost instantaneous with most apps. The 4096 levels of pressure of the S Pen makes it one of the best tablets on the market for drawing.

An elegant front and back glass cover.
A 10.5 inches AMOLED screen.
A Snapdragon 835 processor.
4GB of RAM.
The S Pen with Wacom EMR technology.
A 13MP F1.9 aperture rear-facing camera.
An 8MP F1.9 aperture front-facing camera.
Four stereo speakers with Adobe Atmos support.
Storage capacity that range from 64GB to 256GB.
Battery life of up to 16 hours.
Headphone jack.

Customer Satisfaction
The feedback received from the customers for the Galaxy Tab S4 have praised mainly the screen and the S Pen. The Galaxy Tab S4 features one of the best screens on the market for media consumption and many people seem to love it. The HDR feature makes the contrast of the screen and the colors as accurate as it can get. The aspect ratio of 16:10 also makes it easy to watch wider movies and it is a good aspect ratio for watching Youtube videos.
The S Pen is being praised by artists that test the tablet. The S Pen features 4092 levels of pressure, which is very useful for all the artists using it to draw and animate. The wide range of color also comes out as a benefit to painting in a more accurate way. Besides, the replaceable tips make it easy to change between softer tips, that increment the friction and the control of the stroke, and harder tips, which are useful to write due to the speed it provides.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The Galaxy Tab S4’s screen is by far the best thing about this tablet. Besides it, the Snapdragon 835 processor is a very powerful feature that allows you to run every app you may want.
However, the 4GB of RAM comes out as a bit short by today’s standards. You won’t be able to run a lot of apps at the same time, neither will you be able to open more than 20 tabs on your browser without experimenting some performance problem. Also, the fact that the keyword case doesn’t come included in the purchase of the tablet is a bit of a downside for many people.

Common Asked Questions
Is there any way of storing the S Pen inside the tablet?
No, the S Pen is too big to fit inside the tablet. The best way of storing it is on the accessory that comes with the keyword case.
Can you expand the storage?
Yes, you can. You can expand the storage with a microSD of up to 400GB.

The Galaxy Tab S4 is a pretty good tablet option. If you are an artist and would love to have a nice tablet to draw comfortably, or even if you are only a casual user, the Galaxy Tab S4 should be the first one on your list.