Samsung Portable SSD Review


There are so many reasons for buying this device, but the main ones include it provides data safety, accessibility as well as high performance. Individuals and organizations normally store their information in computers or servers where data may get accidentally lost. Apart from storing files and information, some organizations require a lot of storage and sometimes storage appliances can fail and therefore it is important to have a backup storage device such as the Samsung portable SSD that will safeguard your information.

A lot of people and companies are always looking for devices that can store and safeguard large amounts of information and the Samsung T5 portable SSD is here for the rescue. To begin with, the storage devices prices have declined to $100 from $120 for the 500GB Samsung portable SSD, the lowest price ever seen. It is able to connect with your computer through the Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 port. The device is also way faster compared to the previous make which was T3. Due to it measuring 74 x 57 x 10.5mm and weighing 51g, the device is small and light such that one can simply toss it in pockets and walk around with it. T5 has been made from metal and finished with a swish brush apart from the brand’s logo, LED lights and the Type –C connector, the function of the metallic part is to make certain that the chips under it get efficiently cooled down as well as generally increasing the durability of the appliance.

The Samsung Portable SSD has various sizes that range from 250GB up to 2TB and it comes with ASMedia mSATA-to-USB bridge controller. It has a 64-layer 3D V-NAND Triple Level Cell flash memory which is an upgrade and is superior to its predecessor as well as having a more up to date firmware with the function of supporting the TRIM through a USB attached SCSI procedure. The T5 is compatible with PC, Mac and Android devices as well as using less power, less prone to electrical shock and can handle drops going up to 2m. Furthermore, the device has an installed program that uses the encryption capability on a computer and Mac and also sends you a text note instructing you on where to get the application on Google Play.

Below are features that come with the gadget
A metallic all-aluminum chassis
Storage from 250GB-2TB
Available colors are black and blue
64-layer TLC V-NAND
ASMedia bridging chip
MGX controller
USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable
USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable
LED lights
Measures 74 x 57 x 10.5mm and weighs 51g

Customer satisfaction
Client feedback is crucial in improving the features of the device and has thus been very helpful in the making of T5 from the reviews of T3. A lot of customers find the device useful and convenient and any individual from a low-tech can easily use it. Others also said that they really liked the design which was classy and pleasing to the eye because of the shape and color combination. Additionally, the Samsung portable SSD comes with software which aids in protecting the information to be stored as well as simplifying usage.

It is easily portable and can be carried anywhere such as during traveling. It can carry large amounts of data up to 2TB and has a high performance such that it can meet the needs of individuals and organizations. It has high durability as well as a three-year warranty.

Common questions asked
Why don’t other devices recognize the Samsung portable SSD apart from a PC?

The T5 has been designed such that it can only be used by a PC, Mac or Android phones. If you try connecting the T5 to other devices, they will not be able to recognize it or may get limited to use some of its features.
Why are some files already in the device

The program for the device is the one that occupies the space so that the Password feature can be enabled.
What happens so that the data copied cannot be seen when the T5 has been ejected

Removing the T5 without safely ejecting it immediately as a message has arrived saying the information got copied, may result in the information not being copied because of partial file system update. It is recommended that you safely remove your device.

Owning a storage device that has very high speed is important for organizations or individuals who are traveling either on a plane, train or any other means of transport and would not want to miss should use the Samsung Portable SSD. The T5 is an efficient way of carrying incredible loads of data and will transfer it at a high speed. You will also feel confident buying the device because it has a three-year warranty. It is obvious that Samsung has produced a device of great quality compared to its previous version.