Sony SRS XB31 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


Quality sound is one of the best attributes of a successful event or party. When event organizers are audible there is communication. In the same way, in the instance of a party, music is considered good if the sound system itself brings out quality sound. Technology has advanced in the sound systems sector bringing forth various new devices and improving the older models in order to beat the competition and to keep up with the dynamism of the modern world. The traditional set up of a model speaker is one that has long cable cords to connect it to another device and the power outlet. Some of these are still in circulation. Nevertheless, wireless speakers have stormed the market thus eliminating the cumbersome nature of cable. One such speaker is the Sony SRS XB31 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The SRS XB31 is a speaker that has many unique attributes that has led to its popularity in parties and events. It is a wireless speaker, one of the first of its kind. This makes it easy to transport between events and parties without the baggage of wiring. Moreover, it is fitted with Bluetooth which means there is no need for power cables in order to transfer audio or video files. These files can be effectively relayed from another source such as a laptop or smartphone. This speaker is big and thus provides ample sound for a large crowd.

It is favorable for outdoor activities and is able to keep away dust and rust. Pool parties and other pool events go for the SRS XB31 since it is waterproof and if immersed, it can be washed and dried with the assurance that it will not rust. Its in-built battery lasts for a whole day and can thus be used for over-night events without needing a recharge. The speaker boasts of a wireless party chain app. This is a feature that enables the sound engineer to add more speakers to the SRS XB31 while still maintaining the same quality of sound. In addition, there is no limit on the type of speaker to be added to the array. This speaker is able to integrate sound with any other Sony model speaker. Its huge sturdy size enables it to have a greater number of drivers as compared to small sized speakers. As such, the speaker produces better quality in sound and a stronger bass. The SRS XB31 is preferred for parties due to its ideal colors provided by the presence of LED indicators. The line light coupled with the flashing strobe enable it to show light even in the dark deriving satisfaction when used in evening parties. Party Booster is an application that turns the speaker into sort of a live performance where you can tap the surface in order to derive sounds produced by other musical instruments.

Multicolored line light
USB charging port
Wireless party chain
Party Booster
Rust proof
Wireless Bluetooth technology
Comes in four colors; white, red, blue and black
The inbuilt battery of 2700mAh
Flashing strobe
Shock proof

Customer Satisfaction
Customers have enjoyed using the speaker. They remark at how easy it is to connect to devices thus reduced technicality. The provision of multiple colors has appealed to many users who have varying preferences when it comes to the colors. Nevertheless, they all seem to agree that the sound quality that the speaker provides is great and of high quality. Consequently, they have not been disappointed in events or house parties.
Advantages and Disadvantages
The speaker produces quality sound making it desirable among other speakers. Its sturdy build gives the speaker an advantage in outdoor activities where it can survive amid rain, water, dust, rust or shock making it durable. Moreover, it connects easily. However, despite the specified life of the speaker’s battery, it does not run as long and ends up frustrating users during events or parties. When this happens, the volume tends to automatically lower probably in a bid to save the remaining charge. Also, it does not seem to be compatible with some devices made from models that are not Sony. This has discouraged its acquisition for people with anti-Sony gadgets.

Common Questions Asked
Do the LEDs function on the battery of the SRS XB31 speaker?
Yes. The indicators operate on the energy of the battery. Nevertheless, the energy they take up is almost negligible and thus, removal from the speaker in order to conserve battery life would end up being futile to the battery life.

Should the speaker be washed if it gets dirty?
Yes. Since it is used for outdoors, dust can accumulate and it is recommended that washing is done. Nonetheless, the use of strong reagents is dissuaded. Only water and a cloth should be used. The use of water with high pressure should also be avoided.

Can vacuum cleaners do the dusting of the speakers?
Partly yes. They can be used on the outer part but may spoil the inner parts. To avoid this, they should be avoided altogether.


The speaker is a portable party. Its wireless feature encourages both portability and control. The use of smartphones has been integrated to act as remote controls for the speaker. The presence of a mode such as Party Booster provides live sounds from the speaker. As a result, the Sony SRS XB31 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a worthy investment.