Transcend Jet Drive Review


Data is of the essence in this modern technological era. In the recent past, files were used to store information for various companies globally. This has been the standard way of data storage for most corporations for decades. Nevertheless, the advancement of technology brought with its devices that can store up this data. These devices are so efficient that the data stored in hundreds of files can be fitted in a small device that one can carry around without bearing its weight. These are devices such as flash drives, micro SD cards, and jet drives. The SI unit for data storage is megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). Jet drives are slowly being accepted as the most efficient of the three and for this reason, we seek to discover more on the Transcend Jet Drive.

Advancement in the data storage industry has seen the evolution of jet drives with Transcend Jet Drive being the best there is. It stores data on its own or can be used as a supplementary back up for data storage in case gadgets such as laptops ran out of storage space. It is compatible with all Mac models. Its small reduced size is optimal for portability thus easy to carry important data with you everywhere you go.

The Transcend Jet Drive is a very small item that occupies space that is almost negligible. This size ensures that once it is fitted in its slot, there is no need to worry about its safety or damage. The drive has recovery and power saving options that are automated anytime it is in use. At times data is deleted accidentally and cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin. Nevertheless, the recovery option allows the user to retrieve any deleted materials. The power save option allows the drive to eject itself when the laptop has hibernated and to insert itself when it gets online. This helps to conserve the power of the laptop thereby improving its battery life. Installation and management of the drive are basic and easy to understand. This is because it involves insertion into a card reader slot on the side of a laptop and accessing its services. The drive allows the use of relevant files and their actions such as playing music files or watching video files without any hindrances. Also, it has a great storage space which may range from 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. This is a lot of information that can be moved from the hard drive of a computer to this external drive and thus, free the storage of the hard drive of the computer to allow faster functionality. Jet memory is a program present in the jet drive that powers its performance in a way that improves the workings of a slow laptop.

Easily portable
Available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities
Maximum read speed of 95 MB/s
Maximum write speed of 60 MB/s
Go for very cheap prices
Small in size
Operating temperature range of -25 oC to 85oC
The average operating voltage of 3V
Dust, water and shock resistant chip

Customer Satisfaction
The feedback from consumers of the product has been positive. They loved that the jet drive works so efficiently and remains in use even when the laptop has hibernated. They liked the way it has eased the date storage spaces from their laptops which have enabled them to continue using these gadgets with ease. The fact that the card does not stick out thus preventing any cause of interference has encouraged them to continue using the drive for their data storage. Large companies are also satisfied with the product positing that the small and slim nature of the Transcend Jet Drive has enabled them to use it for storage of large files that may appear obsolete.

Advantages and Disadvantages
The drive has one of the fastest read and writes speeds making it optimal for use. It has a consumer-friendly price making it easy to access. However, despite the good speeds it has, its speeds are not consistent which may reduce the efficiency of relaying data. It can have speeds as low as 20MB/s which are too low. Also, it is not appropriate for regularly accessed files since it has a slower reaction time compared to the internal hard drive of the laptop.

Common Questions Asked
What card reader should I use with it?
The normal SD card reader is able to read the jet drive with ease. Nevertheless, it would also be good to get one that is Transcend made in order to avoid conflicting functions.
Is it possible to install software directly from the jet drive?
Yes. The Transcend Jet Drive supports the installations of software.
Does the jet drive drain any power from gadgets when in hibernation?
No. The jet drive has a power option that automates it to eject during hibernation and to get back in when online.

In conclusion, the Transcend Jet Drive is a high performer. It is very efficient in data storage and is thus, most preferable. Its high writing and reading speeds have led to quick processing and integration of information. As a result, the jet drive is the best for providing additional storage capacity for computers.